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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has requested that Triple M cease selling cannabis products at its Plymouth and Mashpee dispensaries because of Triple M’s use of natural pesticides at Triple M’s Plymouth cultivation facility. 

Triple M is fully cooperating with the DPH and will immediately implement any additional corrective actions necessitated by DPH.

The natural pesticides that Triple M used have been approved in all 50 States for growing produce as well as for use on cannabis in WA, OR, NV, CO, IL and OH.  Triple M only used the pesticides during the early stages of cultivation, never on the flower buds and ceased using the pesticides on plants in September 2018.

Triple M has and will continue to place its patient’s safety first and apologizes for any inconvenience this review may cause.  From inception, Triple M has operated in a manner that maintains strict compliance with all requirements and will work with the DPH to ensure compliance in the future.  

Triple M will provide updates on this situation on Triple M’s web site, as they become available.