Water-Soluble Cannabis, The Next Wave at Triple M

Posted on Jun 18th, 2020 | Tags: marijuana near me, cannabis near me, dispensaries near plymouth, dispensaries near mashpee, cape cod, plymouth, marijuana, cannabis, edibles, water soluble, plymouth marijuana, mashpee marijuana, plymouth cannabis, mashpee cannabis, pot shop, gum, breath strips, and cann syrup

Are you searching for new ways to ingest your cannabis because you prefer not to smoke or do not like waiting up to an hour for the effects of your edible to kick in? Triple M’s new water-soluble marijuana products might be just right for you.

Triple M’s Dispensaries in Plymouth (South Shore) and Mashpee (Cape Cod) now offer a variety of THC infused water-soluble cannabis products, including:

· Breath Strips

· Canna Syrup

· Gum

· Maple syrup

While marijuana edibles are convenient, long-lasting, and tasty, they must progress through the digestive system before hitting the bloodstream. This means the effects of cannabis edibles can take up to an hour and be somewhat unpredictable, based on a person’s body composition and metabolism.

The effects of water-soluble cannabis (especially breath strips and gum) can be felt within 15 minutes, as opposed to an hour with edibles, because water soluble cannabinoids dissolve directly into the mouth, stomach and small intestine.

For medical marijuana patients, this fast onset is very useful for prompt relief. Recreational cannabis users will also find the precise dosing and accelerated duration appealing. Some other potential benefits to consider – water-soluble products have fewer calories and may provide a potential benefit for those with GI concerns who can’t ingest edibles.

So, if you are looking for a THC infused cannabis product that acts fast and subsides much more quickly than standard edibles and drinks, Triple M’s water-soluble products may be for you. And coming soon, cannabis infused beverages. Stay tuned for updates and ride the wave at Triple M in Plymouth and Mashpee, your hometown dispensaries.